Boss sunglasses

Boss Black collection caters to those who know exactly what they want with timeless yet modern designs that keep up with today's busy lifestyles. You'll find ophthalmic and sunglasses with classic aesthetics enhanced with daring flairs of style.

Each pair comes equipped with an upgraded storage box that is more secure than your typical Oakley case. You can buy Boss sunglasses online from Optical Center in store or online.


Boss glasses from their FW22 collection exemplify a thoughtful aesthetic that defines this designer brand. You can find lightweight yet stylish frames in popular colors like classic aviators, oval, rectangular frames and contemporary ones with double bridges for a distinctive look in this eyewear range.

Frame styles span from contemporary aviators, traditional rounds, wayfarer-inspired designs, sleek rectangles and full-rimmed metal frames - offering on-trend details such as patterned temple arms or thin metal frames with modern cutaway styles.

Explore Boss frames like the 1434/S 0HVE-IR to discover versatile models that will complement various outfits. One such pair is the 1362/F with its slim oval frame which will flatter almost all face shapes - this pair could become your go-to pair for daily wear!


Boss sunglasses embody timelessness with contemporary flair, offering timeless yet modern styles tailored to men. Crafted from fine acetates and brushed metal frames with minimalist details for versatile appeal; each feature top-of-the-line lenses such as anti-reflective coatings and polarization options to improve vision clarity while alleviating eye strain, many styles also providing UV protection.

For spare or replacement lenses for your Boss frames, all we require is the lens model number found on your frame and we can quickly supply a pair of replacement lenses that can easily be installed yourself.

Maintain the pristine condition of your eyewear by regularly cleaning them with soap and lukewarm water or an anti-reflective cleaner that won't harm its anti-reflective coating, using microfibre cloth drying if possible, then store face down as this could warp frames or lenses, keeping them in their pouch when not being worn as this will protect them from accidental falls offs.


Sunglasses are both fashionable and protective against UV rays, with BOSS offering trendy frames crafted by eyewear experts with exceptional attention to details. Their collection ranges from aviator styles like the Wayfarer to Aviator designs in black and blue shades.

For those with angular faces, we advise selecting sunglasses with round and oval shapes to soften the sharp angles of their features. BOSS-0742-S is ideal for this purpose while BOSS-0608-S' acid hued lenses will add flair without going overboard.

The men's sunglasses collection from this brand offers frames with modern designs to fit into any wardrobe, such as classic aviator styles for everyday wear or sporty wayfarer frames to accompany weekend getaways and vacations by the seaside. In addition, many models feature polarized lenses which eliminate glare while protecting eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation rays.


To keep your Boss sunglasses looking as great as they feel, it's essential to follow a basic care schedule. Regularly clean with damp cloth or special lens cleaner to remove marks or smudges; store in their case when not being worn to protect from scratches and dirt accumulation.

Sophisticated eyewear from this brand epitomizes modernity. Their selection features frames from aviators to classic rectangular shapes - creating a timeless-meets-contemporary aesthetic, suitable for professional as well as social settings.

Boss sunglasses, designed in Metzingen, Germany and produced through independent suppliers worldwide to meet Boss' high quality standards, can be found online in an assortment of styles and colors. Furthermore, this brand strives to reduce its environmental impact; therefore each pair purchased from Boss will help plant trees via Tree Aid as part of its commitment.