Clubmaster sunglasses exude sophistication with their vintage aesthetic. Ideal for professional attire as well as casual wear, Clubmaster frames are now back in fashion thanks to shows like Mad Men.

These classic sunglasses make an impactful statement at any social event or party; from first dates and outdoor lunches to cocktail parties at country clubs. Wearing them will certainly set you apart from the crowd!

Classic Style

Clubmaster sunglasses provide a classic aesthetic for men and women who appreciate vintage style, allowing any ensemble to come alive with flair. Available in various colors and lenses, you can select those which best suit your personal taste; perfect for wearing with business suits and blazers too.

Tortoiseshell or gold frames make the ideal frames for most face shapes, particularly oval faces. Square face types should opt for frames with bolder top corners and thinner bottom corners - tortoiseshell or gold frames will work just fine as long as you customize the color and lenses to meet your preferences.

Clubmaster frames are unisex eyeglass frames, featuring masculine yet elegant designs that never go out of fashion. Test one today to see how well it fits you - then shop the latest styles online or at your local brick and mortar store. There are many models of Clubmaster sunglasses at Optical Center.


Clubmaster sunglasses boast an elegant style that makes an impressionful statement while remaining versatile enough to be worn in almost any situation. Crafted from materials such as ebony woods and modified plastic, their durable construction should stand the test of time.

Browline designs offer ample coverage, making them suitable for all face shapes. Triangular-shaped faces benefit most from frames that feature bolder top sections while tapering off into more neutral bottom portions, while heart-shaped features work better with lighter-hued bottom-heavy frames.

Browline frames may have received some negative attention in recent years thanks to popular culture trends like Mad Men; but now, these iconic glasses have become iconic fashion staples that both celebrities and everyday people alike adore year-after-year. Their timeless charm and versatility makes the Clubmaster an excellent way to add some flair and distinction into an otherwise plain wardrobe.


The clubmaster style glasses have long been considered timeless classics. First created by Jack Rohrbach of Shuron Ltd in 1947 as browline glasses, their popularity increased greatly when actor Bruce Willis donned tinted lenses on TV show Moonlighting in 1982.

These days, Clubmaster sunglasses come in an array of colors and styles, from tortoise shell to a more modern black and gold design. Perfect for women seeking a sophisticated yet timeless accessory they can pair with almost any ensemble, they make a timeless addition.

Sunglasses are much more than mere fashion accessories; they also help express who you are to the world. Selecting the ideal pair can add a sense of authority and grace wherever you go; taking your time shopping carefully for these glasses will only ensure they look their best on you!


Lightweight frames make these stylish glasses easy to wear for extended periods, making them an excellent choice for casual events when you want to look chic and fashionable. Furthermore, you can pair them with formal attire for an unforgettable style statement!

Clubmaster sunglasses stand out from other sunglasses by being refined and elegant, making them suitable for wear by all age groups and gender. Furthermore, unlike aviators which come with stereotypical assumptions attached, clubmasters don't come with as many stereotypes associated with them.

Though browline glasses had fallen out of favor during the 1990s, they experienced a revival thanks to shows such as Mad Men and Bruce Willis' tinted Clubmasters on Moonlighting. These factors caused sales and demand for this style of sunglasses to surge; today it remains one of the most fashionable styles around - which may not change anytime soon!