Lacoste sunglasses bring color to any look with ease. The French fashion sportswear brand's frames exude relaxed elegance that have made them so renowned since 1933, featuring vibrant blocks of color and distinct textures. There are many models of Lacoste sunglasses on sale at Optical Center.

Rene Lacoste, the famed tennis player and innovator who popularized pique polo shirts, created Lacoste Eyewear as we know it today - offering men, women, and tween frames with preppy style as well as casual streetwear flair.


Lacoste sunglasses combine sporty aesthetics and refined appeal for an eyewear line that makes an impressionful style statement. Their DNA approach can be seen through sophisticated silhouettes and their signature crocodile logo; an iconic symbol that recalls Rene Lacoste's tennis playing days where he bet against one game using a suitcase made from crocodile skin as stake.

Lacoste sunglasses reflect their brand heritage of relaxed elegance since 1933, featuring vibrant blocks of colors, striping and piping details in each pair for an attractive casual yet chic aesthetic.

When purchasing Lacoste sunglasses, the easiest way to verify their authenticity is to inspect their earpieces for the brand logo and hinges for evenness and smoothness. In addition, these stylish frames tend to be durable yet comfortable enough for everyday use - perfect for elevating style while protecting eyes from sun glare!


Lacoste sunglasses are sleek and sporty, featuring frames with the iconic crocodile logo of their iconic brand. Available for men and women alike, Lacoste glasses come in various shapes, styles and materials to meet every preference.

Lacoste Supporter Special Edition frames feature graphics that pay tribute to national flags. Available in vibrant color choices that clearly showcase team pride - no matter if it's France, Brazil, Germany or Italy you love - the Lacoste Supporter Special Edition frame makes an impressionable statement of support for any nation!

Lacoste glasses and sunglasses epitomize the brand's legendary sports fashion roots with comfortable frames designed for comfort and durability, offering exceptional clarity, UV protection, polarized lenses to reduce glare in bright conditions and polarized UV protection.


Lacoste sunglasses provide stylish, durable, and cost-effective protection from the sun's rays. Available in an assortment of colors and frames to meet your personal style needs, you are sure to find Lacoste shades to meet them all!

The frames are constructed from lightweight and comfortable durable material. Polarized lenses offer full UV protection. Furthermore, each set comes complete with a cleaning cloth and warranty card for added peace of mind.

Lacoste eyewear features sleek and modern frames with the signature crocodile logo of the brand - ideal for any special occasion and suitable for men of all ages. Additionally, their eyewear collection also includes prescription lenses to meet individual needs - so stop into our eye care centers in Armagh, Dungannon, Lurgan or Portadown today to discover more. Our friendly and professional team are on hand to assist in finding you your ideal pair of Lacoste sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

Lacoste glasses don't only offer bold styles; they also have more subdued frames perfect for any special occasion. Their unique bridge designs and wide selection of colors create one-of-a-kind styles; with various sizes available you're sure to find a frame that perfectly fits you.

Check out Dressinn's Lacoste sunglasses collection to add a pair to your closet and you won't regret it! Discover why so many love this brand so much; browse their latest selection of Lacoste frames today, and buy your pair to wear at events or days out in the sun!