Top 5 Online Sunglasses Brands

An ideal pair of sunglasses can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. At Optical Center you'll find all kinds of sunglasses. RAEN sunglasses have become a cult-favorite among surfers and beachgoers, while Persol's logo-less pairs exude old-school Italian elegance (while also providing durability required by pilots or Formula 1 drivers).

Ray-Ban is a timeless eyewear icon beloved by everyone from Dylan to Gigi Hadid and beyond, making their classic aviators and wayfarer styles worthwhile investments for your personal style.

Clubmaster sunglasses

Clubmaster glasses are easily recognizable by their distinctive upper frame which mimics eyebrows over the lens area, creating an eye-catching appearance and making them one-of-a-kind and popular with men and women alike. First popularized by Ray-Ban in the 1980s after Bruce Willis donned them on Moonlighting television show; these cult sunglasses now represent both coolness and confidence!

Clubmaster sunglasses are suitable for almost every age group, face shape and complexion. Their refined design features 3-D silver or gold detailing and elegant black temples which signify elegance - making them versatile enough to wear with business and country club attire alike. Furthermore, unlike more extravagant styles like Aviators and Wayfarers which may appear trying too hard when worn, Clubmasters don't overstated; so wearing them won't come across as excessive or trying too hard.

Hexagonal sunglasses

Hexagonal sunglasses are an effective way to add a fashionable edge to your outfit and are comfortable enough for everyday use, coming in various colors and styles. If you're searching for stylish hexagonal shades, look no further than Vincent Chase Polarized Matte Black Gunmetal Full Rim Hexagon Sunglasses; their hexagonal frames combine hexagonal design elements with aviator features for an eye-catching look! Perfect for any of us afraid of going trendy!

Hexagon-shaped glasses experienced their height of popularity in the 1940s, when an abundance of varieties from angular octagonal frames to daringly round ones became readily available. Today, hexagon shaped frames remain one of the most fashionable eyeglass styles, overshadowing standard-shaped frames as one of the top choices among fashionistas and being an eyewear must-have!

Lacoste sunglasses

Lacoste sunglasses make an elegant addition to any wardrobe, offering stylish yet functional sunglasses in various colors and styles with both polarized and gradient lenses. Lacoste frames are constructed from high quality material and are often preferred among men who value style, quality and performance.

Lacoste frames draw their inspiration from their sporting heritage. Boasting vibrant blocks of color, stripes, piping, and the iconic crocodile logo - Lacoste was founded by Rene Lacoste in 1933 as a tennis player polo shirt company and since expanded to shoes, perfumes and other accessories.

The Lacoste L222S is an attractive men's frame with an iconic rectangle shape and lightweight metal construction, perfect for everyday wear. The lens has been engineered to reduce glare and provide UV protection.

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses are an elegant fashion statement that add a sophisticated edge to any ensemble. Available in various frame styles and lens colors, these lightweight yet comfortable frames provide all-day wearability as they protect eyes against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Gucci's 2017 collection shows impeccable attention to detail, featuring cat eye, hexagon and large square frames in various hues of cat eye. In addition, large styles featuring crystal embellished frames and pearl encrusted temples can also be found.

To quickly spot counterfeit Gucci sunglasses, look out for misspellings or defects such as misshapen plastic frames or less-than-ideal lenses. A counterfeit pair may feature inferior quality plastic materials or inferior lens performance; to keep your sunglasses safe from damage and maintain them on a regular basis. To safeguard them in their case while keeping up with cleaning them regularly.

Boss sunglasses

The Boss sunglasses collection boasts sleek and modern frames designed with masculine yet subdued designs that still add feminine elements. Boss' sunglasses line offers stylish yet practical accessories suitable for any special event or occasion, making these sunglasses truly iconic!

Are you in search of sunglasses to add an effortless sense of style and flair to your wardrobe? Look no further than Hugo Boss 1042/S model sunglasses. Featuring an aviator-style frame made of glossy dark tortoiseshell and retro G-15 lenses, they make for the ideal addition. Wear these with both formal or casual suits and you will look effortlessly fashionable.

If you enjoy outdoor sports, look no further than the Wiley X Boss glasses. Equipped with a removable foam seal to keep irritants out of your eyes and an elastic strap and t-docking strap for comfortable head positioning, these lightweight yet durable waterproof glasses make an ideal addition.